ABOUT US-Our Vision, mission and Values.

Recycled Flip Flop Sculptures Studio is a Cape Town based Company founded by DAVIS NDUNGU.The Studio uses discarded Flip Flops as medium to create Art pieces.Recycling old flip flops around Cape Town and beyond.

All the Sculptures are Handmade and each one is completely unique in terms of color and design.The three primary strategies for effectively managing our waste materials being to reduce ,re-use and recycle.We at RFFS Studio are fully committed to playing our part in ensuring that the planet and all of it’s existing and successive occupations have secure and healthy futures.

It is becoming increasingly well known that we are polluting or Oceans ,perhaps the biggest issue is plastic, this takes many forms including micro beads ,bottles and Flip Flops. Your discarded footwear is a great enemy to the creatures of the open ocean, we are literally killing them .We feel that it is our responsibility to remove as many of these pollutants from our environment as we can, repurpose them , create jobs and art literally from human pollution.Our work brightly demonstrates both our commitment to creating a cleaner and more Sustainable world , and yours as well for buying our work.

Our attention to environmental Social and economic responsibilities includes working within the law and voluntary exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are relevant to our professional and domestic activities to us and our stakeholders.

We believe in creating a sustainable safe world and work hard to ensure that the Studio is run as sustainable as possible.We firmly believe that sustainability is formed of four pillars which must work harmoniously together in the Environmental , the Economic , the Social and Cultural , these four elements are embedded in our company philosophy and our way of life .

These elements include:

. Embedding care for the environment in the culture of the Studio.

. Reducing the carbon footprint of Company .

. Minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing water use , preventing pollution within our working environment , reusing materials , recycling and reducing waste to landfill.

. To ensure that our supply chains are ethical environmentally conscious and support sustainable ideals .

. Ensuring sustainability is at the core of our business and working practices.

.Protecting the natural habitats and encouraging biodiversity and promoting our African Wildlife and Cultural legacy.

.Communicating our Sustainability and Environmental Policy to staff members and promoting sustainability and environmental benefits that our business has to our customers.

.Constantly striving to create innovative approaches to minimize negative environmental impacts , improve our economic bottom line and integrate social and Cultural elements as far as possible within our range of our activities.

.Reviewing this policy and supporting strategy to ensure it is a fit for purpose, annually.


DATE: 2020